We’re something other than duplicates… What’s more, we do it right!

Finish your print project with a laminate touch, from gloss, matte, soft touch or even gold foiling we'll make your prints shine. We offer al types of finishing from round edging to coil bindings and saddle stictching.
We provide hot lamination services up to 48inch wide. From 1 mill up to 10 mill we carry multiple types of media from gloss to matte finish.
Saddle stitching and stapling can bind any number of sheets together in any position, with precision. Create a professional and functional booklet.
Perforation is a process to allow easy separation between two sections of paper, allowing it to be easily torn along a pre cut line. Perforation is used for tickets, coupons, calendars and more!
A popular choice for custom printed forms and event tickets. Quick Prints knows that sequential numbering keeps you, your business and or event organized so you can focus on the bigger tasks at hand.
Sensitive media requires cold lamination, great for weather-resistance and stretchability. Up to 50 inches wide we have both matte and gloss finishes.
One of the most popular techniques for binding a paperback book, magazine or catalogue is perfect binding. Perfect binding offers a clean, crisp.
Choose from gold and silver, Quick Prints creates beautiful invitations and designs that will highlight your event or product. Customize from our various paper types and weights.
You’ve made the sale now how do you deliver it? YVR Print can help with all your packaging solutions so you have brand consistency from start to finish. Boxes, Bags, Stickers… Quick Prints delivers!

Quick Prints can customize & install dry erase whiteboards; design your to-do list or team board and stick to any flat surface. Sold in sheets up to 48 inches.

Wire binding provides a free flow between pages allowing you to fold the book or publication completely over without damaging any pages.
Quick Prints wouldn’t be the fully equipped print shop that it is if not stocked with various cutting and trimming tools for all types of media. Precision.
At Quick Prints we understand the sensitivity of some documents. Recycling is one of our top priorities and we offer paper shredding services upon request, feel free to reach out for more information!
Quick Prints can spiral and wire bind any document. From print to finishing, choose from many colors and covers. Custom sizes available.
Rounded edges give a sleek modern look and is one of the top options chosen for business cards. Choose round edging to set yourself.
From cutting a hole in a laminated badge or drilling holes in tags and other media, Quick Prints provides custom paper drilling and hole punching services for your company.